enriching media

innovative, playful, inclusive explorations

What do people do with media and what do media do with people? These questions are at the heart of my work. I strongly believe that media matter and that they can help us to build strong connections in society. But to use them in such a way we need a thorough understanding of the impact of media in our everyday lives. Come and explore with me. Together we can build more sustainable, inclusive and diverse media in society.


academic work

It’s been my privilege to have worked with media makers, audiences and research colleagues to help build a more thorough understanding of media’s role in society –almost 20 years now!


Practice-based, collaborative research on a range of topics, from entrepreneurship and media business, to documentary making and creativity.


Inclusive, inspirational, interactive and joyous: that is how I aim my teaching and supervision (BA/MA and PhD) to be. And I always learn at least as much as the students.


Specialised lectures on a wide variety of topics based on research and catered to the specific audience –in Dutch and English.

general public

Sharing insights with organisations, individual makers and publics beyond academia is at the heart of why I do research.


I aim to inspire, challenge and provoke: how can we reconsider the way we make and use media? How can we make media better (more inclusive, diverse and sustainable)?


If you have a question on how your organisation can better make or use media, I and my team are very happy to explore this question for and with you.

interactive workshops

Is your team looking to reconsider how they produce or use media? Be ready to be challenged, inspired and have fun with creative and thought-provoking assignments.

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